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The babystart® FertilCheck™ screening test for women measures the sex hormone that is an indicator of their biological fertility clock. A woman's fertility starts to decline after she gets to 30 and the decline gradually accelerates until she gets to menopause. This reduction in fertility is reflected in a similar gradual increase in the the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Rising levels of FSH tend to be associated with reduced fertility. The FSH hormone can also be raised in women with irregular periods and without doubt will steadily rise as a woman gets older. As menopause approaches the levels get particularly high and act as an early warning system for peri-menopause.  
The babystart® FertilTests™ is fertility screening tests for both men and women, measuring sperm count in men and the sex hormone FSH in women. This is a combination twin test pack for couples to share in the privacy of their own home.
Infertility affects as many as 15% of couples of childbearing age. The reasons for not getting pregnant, when planning a family, 
are split evenly 50/50 between men and women.
The babystart® FertilFocus™ is a reusable ovulation predictor test, meaning you receive unlimited tests in one high-quality, low-cost personal ovulation microscope. The microscope comes with complete instructions and an ovulation fertility chart for tracking results! Getting the hang of the microscope takes no time at all. With a powerful glass 60X lens and gentle LED light, just focus the eyepiece to view your test result. For best results, test in the morning before eating or drinking or brushing your teeth, and then record results on a calendar or fertility chart. Soon, you will recognise your unique saliva patterns that indicate infertile, fertile, and transitional periods. 
The babystart® FertilTime™ Ovulation Test detect increases in the LH hormone in a woman's urine.This is the key to a woman's fertility,  and the objective of home ovulation test products is to predict when ovulation will take place.
The test kit contains five ECOstrip™ Ovulation test strips and an instruction leaflet. The test strips work on a urine sample and are used in the same way as our ECOPregnancy strip test.
The test provides an accurate way of detecting the most fertile days of a woman's menstrual cycle. 
These test strips are 99% Accurate. 
The babystart® FertilTime™ Ovulation strip test is one of the most accurate and reliable tests to indicate when the women is at her most fertile time.
Vitamins, minerals and amino acids for mother and baby...
With babystart® FertilCare™ no longer is there need to purchase complicated and expensive combinations of vitamins and minerals - just 1 capsule a dayprovides safe levels of essential nutrients for conception and beyond.
babystart® FertilCare™ has been formulated to provide a single unique nutritional supplement for use by women when planning a pregnancy. The ingredients have been carefully selected and are used in moderate safe levels according to 
EU standards. The formulation contains no herbals, only pure scientifically proven compounds with known effects giving 
babystart® FertilCare™ a high “quality” status. 
Only those ingredients known to especially benefit fertility, conception and pregnancy are included. It has also been carefully formulated to help safeguard dietary requirements as soon as you start trying to conceive and contains essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as iron, vitamin D and particularly vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc for neural tube development and cell division early in pregnancy. 
babystart® FertilCare™ should then continue to be taken during pregnancy as research  has shown that even with a good diet, extra nutrients may be required throughout the whole pregnancy. Suitable for vegetarians.
A portfolio of pre-conception fertility test products and dietary supplements for both men and women.
The only scientifically proven vaginal lubricant for couples trying to conceive which is sperm friendly.

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